performed by Achim G and David T. Walker
written by Achim G



About the song

The song "Refugees On The Rainbow" deals with the tragedy we are currently facing, especially here in eastern Europe, on the mind of the Enlightenment, were many children of migrants grew up more or less safely in middle Europe. But at an age of eighteen forced by the government to return to the original country (of their parents). They don't even speak the language and have to survive somehow, completely left on their own. The song "Refugees On The Rainbow" is a modest piece of Retro-inspired-Space-Soul, its groove marches straight as the subject. The guitars are of that particular sweet-soul-classic style as David T. Walker solely can perform it, unique, tasteful, soulful and groovy.






Refugees On The Rainbow (Music and Lyrics by Achim G)

With trembling fingers high above the Balkan mountains

Falling rainbows down to valleys of black sea

We follow footprints on a path to nowhere

Watch out! Border-fences at 45 degrees

SOLO (Guitar Solo David T. Walker during Ney flute and Saz)

We wanna get up for you

We gonna know what to do

Stateless, homeless Refugees have nothing left to loose

Another homeless Child

Its future is denied

"Humanitarian Advocacy" where are you tonight?

We wanna just stay alive

We gonna try to survive

Rejection, prosecution, our own citizenship deprived

We wanna get up for you

Those governments are sued

The other twenty millions are ready in the queue

There’ll be a time (There will be a time)

When all the water turns into wine (Water into Wine)

religious liberty ain't a crime in Paradise (sign of time in Paradise)

Now, I'm on my own

but I am not alone

well, I'm on my own

but I am not alone

(Chorus line: Da Capo al Fine)

I really wonder why no one worries and I doubt that is alright

with akin to fascism they say: "like Parasite!"

I really wonder why no one worries and I think it's not OK

it'll boomerang on US until the final judgement day


Refugees On The Rainbow

Refugees On The Rainbow

Refugees On The Rainbow


(Instruments and Vocals performed and recorded by Achim G, Guitars performed and recorded by David T. Walker, all rights reserved by Achim G)



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